Industrial Electrician for Windsor

Offering complete Industrial Electrical services to businesses in Windsor, Ontario, we give you the power of options. Whether you need a small modification or a complete renovation, our Windsor based, fully licensed industrial electricians are trained in both construction and automated control systems.

We specialize in electrical power distribution within commercial and industrial settings. Our Windsor based industrial electricians have worked on large electrical projects in Southwestern Ontario such as the installation of a 4,000amp service in Windsor, and the installation of a 3,000amp service in Chatham, where we took control over the total project and all aspects of the electrical installation.

Let our expert industrial electricians aid in the installation of your power distribution transformers, bus ducts, switchboards, and breaker panels allowing for the delivery of reliable power to your machinery and anything else requiring electrical expertise.

On-call electricians available in Windsor, Ontario

We have been operating our successful industrial electrical sector for over 24 years and know the importance of keeping your operations running consistently. If you are in the Windsor, Ontario area and have an electrician who is absent or unavailable, we can help by providing you with qualified electricians to fill the gap in any shifts you may require.

We offer round the clock electrical support services in Windsor, Ontario seven days a week.

A multitude of electrical services

Don’t let a major failure challenge your project completion deadline. We take daily manpower distribution planning seriously and ensure that if you’re suffering from a major failure, our electricians move quickly to establish the best solution.

We take pride in providing Windsor, Ontario businesses with quality, well trained electricians to help meet your project needs. Zimmer Controls is ready to serve you today.

Call our technologists to discuss your project today.