Industrial Automation for Leamington

We offer Industrial Automations solutions to Leamington, Ontario businesses. Our team of Industrial Automation technology experts are completely licensed as well as cross trained in automated control systems. We have been offering technical solutions for decades and our Industrial Automation services team is able to provide stand-alone industrial automation parts, as well as realistic and well-rounded solutions.

What Zimmer Controls can do for you

We partner with only the highest quality Automation manufacturers, recognized as leaders within the industry, leading us to provide you with true automation solutions.

Our Controls Technologists will work closely with you, whether you need new automation system designs, PLC program development, or updates to your outdated control systems.

Industrial Automation ahead of the times

We work closely with our Leamington based clients, helping increase the cycle time, and decrease downtime and waste by implementing the integration of robotics, RF ID and barcode readers and vision systems.

Included in our controls systems is the upgrading of stamping press controls in order to meet today’s standards, and the change to machine guarding systems in order to comply with CSA РZ432 standards.

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If you are in the Leamington area, we have your industrial automation solutions .We will work with you from the design and programming stage, through installation and commissioning to complete the automation project.

Our leading edge industrial automation experts meet and exceed expectations and offer unparalleled automation solutions.

Call our technologists to discuss your project today.