Energy Monitoring and Cost Savings

Our power logging equipment provides accurate power measurements for rebate programs that require Measurement and Verification data for Custom Incentive for the Retrofit Programs.  Another use for power logging is…
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Electrical Preventative Maintenance

Electrical disruptions continue to top the list as the equipment category with the most premature breakdowns.  An effective Electrical Preventive Maintenance program will go a long way to help avoid…
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Control Panel Building

Our shop provides a complete panel building facility.  This capability allows us to build our custom panels for our own projects as well as, provide a shop to build control…
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Industrial Electrical Contracting

Electrical power distribution in industrial and commercial settings is one of our specialties.   A couple of our projects included installations of a 4,000amp service in Windsor and a 3,000amp service…
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Automated Electrical Control Systems

Many of our solutions begin with a customers’ mechanical concept for an automated machine that we bring to life with our control system design and programming.  Whether we are utilizing…
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